I Figure
October 7 - Novmber 11, 2017

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I Figure is Heine Kjærgaard Klausen’s second solo show in SPECTA. As it is significant to the works of Heine Kjærgaard Klausen, he is preoccupied with showing what we usually try to hide. As the somewhat ambiguous title suggests, his new sculptures and videoworks focuses on the relation between what you see and what lies beneath.

Among other works, Heine Kjærgaard Klausen presents three skateboards, hanging on the wall. On these boards are short statements, cast in tin. They are statements confronting the transition from young to adult, a loss of innocence – and it is very “hands on”. Heine Kjærgaard Klausen found inspiration for the skateboards in films by Larry Clark (such as Ken Park, 2002 and Kids, 1995) where young and “manly” boys are skateboarding while messing around and looking for their own identity and a way out, an escape.

In the same way as Larry Clark has tried to turn the seemingly careless teenage life inside out and show it in all its horror, Heine Kjærgaard Klausen also emphasizes backsides in his sculptures. They are castings of fine porcelain figurines but not as we usually see them, on the contrary, we are presented with their interior. This is where they are not perfect, and here they in his eyes become interesting opposition to the polished exterior.

It also applies to Heine Kjærgaard Klausen’s new video works where he has set up a set of obstructions to himself, which make him appear human and full of errors: he has set out to do, what he is not good at: singing, dancing and playing music.

And this is at the heart of Heine Kjærgaard Klausen's works: to present what we consider to be deeply banal, everyday-like and simple - and show how immensely complicated it really is.

Heine Kjærgaard Klausen (DK, 1978) was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2006. Among recent exhibitions are Oceans Breathe Salty, N.Y., Everyone will Crawl, Møstings Hus, Paperman, Plasticface, Candyheart at SPECTA, Engros, Valby, Beach Boys, Sydhavn Station. Heine Kjærgaard Klausen’s works has been exhibited in a number of institutions, e.g. Kunsthal Brandts in Odense, DK, Thorvaldsen’s Museum, Copenhagen, Overgaden – Institute for Contemporary Art, Viborg Kunsthal etc. Heine Kjærgaard Klausen is receiving the three-year-grant from The Danish Arts Agency.

Peder Skrams Gade 13
DK - 1054 Copenhagen K
+45 3313 0123
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