Spit - Swallow
January 13 - February 17, 2018

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FG Spit-Swallow 1-5-sec

At SPECTA, we are very happy to present our third solo exhibition by the South African artist, Frances Goodman. The title Spit/Swallow describes Goodman’s artistic position: the focus is on feminine identity, both as it is imposed by media and social expectations as well as its self-imposed parallel. It is an interaction and a power-play between embracing and rejecting morality and desire as they are presented to us in the media and popular and mainstream culture.  

Frances Goodman gives full throttle to her artistic means of expression. Four flowers, which one would instinctively associate with elements of femininity and innocence, appear in Goodman's version as carnivorous and lustful sculptures, made from false nails. With protruding tongues, the seductive and desirable flowers possess an outgoing and almost vulgar allure.

The materials Frances Goodman uses are often anything but classic art-materials: fake eyelashes, beads, fake acrylic nails and sequins, just to mention a few. Her materials are traditionally defined as feminine, and which emphasize her focus on beauty regimes, desire and women’s means of presentation. At the same time, the execution of the works themselves suggests OCD-like behavior as the works demand an extreme level of repetition.

This also goes for three large sequin-paintings, all hand-stitched sequins on canvas. These dizzyingly detailed and intricate  works give an almost enchanted gaze to the motifs, which are photographs taken by the artist of women posing in alluring, cinematic  poses.

In her statement Woman VS. The World, Frances Goodman talks about how women, by accepting and taking in the female position of the media and culture, are also nurturing and strengthening this position. But, as she points out, it can also be used as an advantage, as “(….) after all - our clothing is our camouflage, our false eyelashes our visors, our makeup our war paint and our false nails our bayonets. Battles are won on the ground and so we must fight.” (read the full statement here!)

For further information on Frances Goodman and images, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / T +45 2963 5594

Frances Goodman (ZA, 1975) lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was educated at Goldsmiths college, London. Her artistic works include installation, photography, sculpture, sound and video. Among Goodman’s recent exhibitions are Beneath Her, 2017 and Rapaciously Yours, 2016 at Richard Taittinger Gallery, New York; Degreened, 2016, SMAC Gallery, Cape Town; Money Makes the World Go Round, 2015, SPECTA; Lick it, 2015, Art Center South Florida, Miami; Nail Her, 2014, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg; Frances Goodman is represented in a number of collections, a.o. Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Cape Town; 21C Museum, Louisville, USA; The National Museum of Contemporary African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, USA; Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg; Rand Merchant Bank, London, UK.


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