The Conception of a Different Landscape
May 15 - June 27, 2020


ALL DAYS 12 - 18 HRS

We continue to follow the recommendations of the health authorities and allow a maximum of 8 guests at a time, we have hand sanitizer and we keep a proper distance.
After the weekend, we will follow our regular opening hours throughout the exhibitionperiod: Tue-Fri 12 - 17:30, Sat 11-14.

Ellen Hyllemose detaljer ny udstilling


SPECTA is very pleased to present Ellen Hyllemose's new solo exhibition The Conception of a Different Landscape. Classic views of the landscape and of fields are painted on paper, cut into strips and bundled in a "landscape pot" of painted materials. Wooden structures lined with color blocks in lycra, floating in space, and wood covered in clear brush strokes appear as abstractions of the cultivated land. Ellen Hyllemose points out that the landscapes that surround us are constructed versions of nature and that we can engage in it with many different approaches.

In working on the exhibition, Ellen Hyllemose has mentioned the word fetish. Not understood in a “spicy” or sexual sense of the word, but in its true meaning: that one attributes special value to certain things. We surround ourselves with things that define who we are. As function and decoration. Tools and aesthetics. Objects can hold nostalgia, self-deception, functionality and reality. Symbolic meaning and function in a tool can be expressed in the form of romance, lifestyle and a care for materials and patina. For some, this applies to special design and collector's items. In Hyllemose's works, tools and objects from everyday life are incorporated: a spoon, a Lego block, a screw. Or beach pickings in the form of a stone with a hole, driftwood and plastic debris rounded by the sea. Elements that are attached and, in some cases covered with lycra, revealing the shape but not the object itself. Together with the everyday like and profane nature of the other materials, she draws our attention to the "landscapes" that are not spectacular.

Ellen Hyllemose's works are often open-ended questions - about what we value and what we do not account for, and what place objects hold in our consciousness. This applies to both the materials and objects we surround ourselves with, as well as the landscapes we look at and engage in. With her choice of material and focus on everyday life, she opens for us to reconsider objects and replace them in the hierarchy, and thus give us a Conception of a Different Landscape.


Ellen Hyllemose (DK, 1968) was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, recently solo a.o. Surface Matters, Fold Gallery London. (w Olivia Bax) 2018, Under udkanten/Under the Margin, SPECTA 2018, Landscape Reconfigured, Fold Gallery, London 2015, Lim mellem Landskaber/Glue between Landscapes, Overgaden 2011 and group exhibitions a.o. In my way, Øregaard Museum 2018, Villa for Ragna og Franka, Kastrupgaard 2018, Art Brussels, w FOLD Gallery 2017, Engros, Grønttorvet in Valby 2017, Villa for Ragna og Franka, Esbjerg Museum of Art 2017, CHART Art Fair w SPECTA 2016.
Ellen Hyllemose has done a series of public commissions for a.o. the University in Aalborg, Vestforbrændingen (Waste Management) in Glostrup and a multipurpose center in Præstø.