October 30 - November 28, 2020

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peter Callesen belonging 2020 SPECTA

In Peter Callesen’s new exhibition Belonging in SPECTA, the artist addresses what is often described as a minor revolution in a person's life. The exhibition title Belonging points to both the feeling of belonging to a place, and with a single added s (belonging-s) it becomes "possessions". With the touch of a built-in potential for crisis, the journey, or moving, is the focal point of the exhibition.

About the starting point of the exhibition, Peter Callesen explains: “On the 1st of May this year I moved to an old rectory in Karby, in the countryside on the very small Danish island, Mors, after having lived in Copenhagen for 20 years. It also meant, that I had to pack down my studio, which I had had for all those 20 years. What do you choose to bring with you, and how much and what should you leave behind and throw out, becomes one of the important questions here. Both quite concretely but also on a mental level. And it is this question, I have chosen as the starting point and theme for my exhibition.”

In the gallery space a dinghy is hanging from the ceiling. It is empty. Instead of being loaded with sketches and projects from the 20 years of studio work, the dinghy is created, built by them. And rather than being the items to be transported, they become the means of transportation themselves. You might move from one place to another, but your history does not disappear, you take it with you. Inevitably there is, of course, a certain fear that it will all be erased over time when torn up by the roots, as the very idea that the boat's paper will disintegrate when sent out on the voyage indicates a fragility, an uncertain journey, and perhaps a kind of anxiety when parting with the well known.

The cardboard box appears in a number of the exhibition's works, and both the dinghy and the boxes become symbols of the journey and the moving. A pillar, built of scaled-down boxes corresponding to Callesen's entire moving load, rises in the exhibition to a height of 176 cm - the same as the artist's own height. Is this what a human being at a given time is made of - or reduced to? The moving load represents the balance required, but also a risk of disappearing in registrating both the physical and the mental baggage.

Peter Callesen's sharp and meticulous paper cuts often hold an existential focus. The basic conditions and questions of man, which are both general and personal, and they usually present a dilemma, an either-or. Callesen’s tool is the ordinary paper, which we all recognize and which we do not usually pay much attention to. The same goes for the cardboard box. In Belonging, Peter Callesen stages the box both as a concrete, well-known object that can be folded or drowned in water, but also - and probably most - everything that the box represents mentally.

Peter Callesen (DK/1967) was educated from Goldsmiths College. Through the past 10 years Callesen has shown solo exhibitions in a number of international institutions, such as a.o. Eskilstuna Museum and Trelleborg Museum in Sweden, Sørlandets Art Museum and Haugar Vestfold Art Museum in Norway and Danish Cultural Center in Beijing, China. In Denmark more recently at Faaborg Museum, Øregård Museum, Kunsten in Aalborg and kunsthal Gl. Strand. Peter Callesen’s works are part of the collections at a.o. bl.a. Malmø Art Museum, Sweden, The New Art Gallery in Walsall, England, West Collection, USA, Museum for Religious Art, Lemvig DK, and HEART in Herning DK. Recent public commissions by Peter Callesen are at the Copenhagen Museum, Silkeborg Højskole, Margrethe Church in Valby and The University of Copenhagen.

peter Callesen stak 2020 A4 SPECTA

peter Callesen stak - detail 2020 A4 SPECTA