My Excited Carrot, My Florence Nightingale
May 18 - June 23, 2018


SPECTA thordis adalsteinsdottir Your House is on Fire Your House has a Leak 2018

In SPECTA we are happy to present our fourth solo show by Icelandic artist Thordis Adalsteinsdottir. In her distinct figurative and somewhat surreal paintings Adalsteinsdottir manages to encompass a wide span of emotions and stories. Her paintings leave us with as many questions as answers and let us be part of the story. Like in an exquisite corps game, we are given a beginning, a hint of a story and we are invited to make our own continuation.

The title of the exhibition My Excited Carrot, My Florence Nightingale suggests a kind of high, an element of happiness and excitement and a saving figure. The paintings hold many positive details and stories, but also their counterpart, the more depressed, bewildered and lost feelings. Thordis Adalsteinsdottir paints endless patterns and spaces, populated with figures who are present, but ambiguous.

In the painting
Your House Is On Fire, Your House Has A Leak we find a person looking in the mirror in a bathroom. The tiles and the mirroring of the tiles creates an endless space, and the interior is – as in dreams – a metaphor for inner life or an inner state. It raises obvious questions such as why the person is wearing a mask, what is the naked man doing in the cup and is the fury paw on the sink really the arm of the person?

It is these untold stories which make Thordis Adalsteinsdottir’s paintings intriguing and get us on up on our toes. We need to ask ourselves about what we see, and we need to address it.

Thordis Adalsteinsdottir
(IS, 1975) has exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, including The Reykjavik Art Museum, the Knoxville Museum of Art, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo, Den Frie Udstilling in Copenhagen, Konstakademien in Stockholm, the Royal College of Art in London, Stux Gallery in New York and Nunu Fine Art Gallery in Taipei. Most recent exhibitions count New Paintings, solo inaugural exhibition at Salon STUX West, NYC 2017, Your Call May Be Recorded, soloshow at Tvei Hrafnar Gallery in Reykjavik 2017, Other Voices, Other rooms, solo at Nunu Fine Arts, Taipei 2016, Íslensk Samtíðarportrett, Listasafnið á Akureyri, Akureyri Museum, Iceland a. o.
Adalsteinsdottir has been a finalist for the prestigious Carnegie Art Award for Nordic Painting. She now lives and works between Reykjavik and New York City.

Newsletter from SPECTA


"The Door Opens Inwards"
Solo at Horsens Museum of Art, DK.
Till January 18, 2018.

"Revisit : Erotik".
Groupshow at Overgaden - Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen.
Till January 17, 2018.


"Grønningen 2017".
Groupshow at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen.
Till January 14, 2018.


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